Sand Cast Floor Registers & Air Return Grills

Sand Cast Floor Registers & Return Air Grills

Over 50 Sizes available .

Prima offers wide range of Heavy Duty, Decorative Sand Casted Floor Registers, Vent Covers, Air return Grills and cold air return Covers . Made of Solid Cast Bronze, Cast Brass, Cast Iron & Cast Aluminum in variety Designs, Styles, Sizes and Finishes to match your interior .Can be custom made in sizes, shapes and patterns Finishes , according to specification.,
Available Sizes (Duct Opening Size)

Regular Size Floor Registers (With Dampers) :

2″x10″, 2″x12″ , 2″x14″, 3″x10″, 4″x 10″, 4″x12″, 4″x14″,6″x10″, 6″x12″, 6″ x 14″, 6″x16″, 8″x8″ 8″X10″,8″X12″,8″X14″,9″X9″,9″X12″,10″X10″,10″X12″,10″X14″,12″X12″,12″X14″,12″X16″,13″X13″,14″X14″,14″X16″,16″X16″,18″X18″

Large Size Air Return Grills (Without Dampers, With holes and matching screws) 6″X22′,6″X24″,6″X26″,6″X28″,6″X30″,8″X22″, 8″X24″8″X26″,8″X30″, 9″X20″, 10″X22″10″X24″10″X26″,10″X30″, 12″X24″,12″X30″,
14″X20″,16″X24″,16″X30″, 20″X24″,20″X30″

Available in : Cast Bronze, Cast Brass, Cast Iron & Cast Aluminum

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